Get in it

Two weeks ago, Project Jupyter had our only planned team meeting for 2018. There was too much stuff going on for me to write a poem during the event as I had in previous years (2016, and 2017), so I ended up reading one of the pieces I wrote during my evening introvert breaks in Cleveland at PyCon a few weeks earlier.

Once again, Fernando and Matthias had their gadgets ready to record (thank you both!). The video below was taken by Fernando.

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Get in it

Time suspended
Gellatinous reality - the haze
submerged in murky drops summed
in swamp pond of life

believe and strive, expand the mind
A state sublime, when in your prime you came to
me and we were free to flow and fling our
cares, our dreams, our in-betweens, our
rêves perdues, our residue -- the lime of light
the black of sight -- all these converge and
merge the forks of friction filled with fright
and more -- the float of logs that plunges deep
beyond the fray, beyond the keep -- a leap of faith
the lore of rite, with passage clear, let
fear subside, the wealth of confidence will
rise and iron out wrinkles of doubt

Commit to change and stash your pride
then push your luck, and make amends.
Branch out your thoughts, reset assumptions
then checkout.

The force of pulls t'wards master class
Remote of possibilities. Rehash the past
Patch up the present -- what's the diff?

There's nothing left -- except to glide -- and
soar beyond your frame of mind.  try not to pry
cry, freedom, cry.