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  1. Jupyter's Gravity

    I'm switching jobs.

    For the past two years I've been working with the great team at Disqus as a member of the backend and data teams. Before that, I spent a half-dozen years mostly not working on my thesis at UC Berkeley but instead contributing to to the scientific Python ecosystem, especially matplotlib, IPython, and the IPython notebook, which is now called Jupyter. So when Bloomberg reached out to me with a compelling position to work on those open-source projects again from their SF office, such a tremendous opportunity was hard to pass up. You could say Jupyter has a large gravitational pull that's hard to escape, but you'd be huge nerd. ;)

    I have a lot to catch up on, but I'm really excited and looking forward to contributing on these fronts again!

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  2. in transit

    Standing impatient, platform teeming, almost noon
    Robo voices read off final destinations
    But one commuter's already at his
    He reached for life's third rail
    There is no why in the abyss
    There's only closing credit hiss
    The soundtrack's gone, he didn't miss
    Reaching for life's third rail
    We ride on, now, relieved and moving forward
    Each our own lives roll forth, for now
    But now is gone, for one among us
    Who reached for life's third rail
    We rock, to-fro, and reach each station
    Weight shifting onto forward foot
    Flesh, bone ground up in violent elation
    And bloody rags, hours ago a well worn suit
    I ride the escalator up and pensive
    About what did and not occur today
    Commuter glut, flow restricted
    A crooked kink in public transport hose resolved.
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  3. pedestrian musings

    I walk in monologue 
        through Berkeley's Hills
    Feet pressing into sidewalk firmly
    I eat the pensive mood 
        solitude brings
    And bite into the juiciness of
    I write, first time in years,
        free verse impromptu
    Taking few dozen steps
        between each pair of lines
    I yearn, on tip-toes
        stretching high, to be expressive
    A mode of being longtime
    I'm walking home - from job
        I'll soon be leaving
    To find myself believing once 
    That which I do defines 
        me not and feeling
    That which I am is
        good. enough. a lot.
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  4. My first foray into the production of motion pictures

    2007 11 28 life


    I want to thank Curt Siffert for granting me permission to use his song "All Aboard (v2)" which you can download (for free) here. This is the first video ((yes, okay, it's more of a slideshow with an intro, but my brother Mike told me that Ken Burns would be proud)) I've ever made, but I've wanted to make films for as long as I've been writing ((creatively, which would be 1999 - warning: link contains some extremely cheesy content, including an early version of what evolved into this journal)) (even before Sally said "Hey guys, I'm going to make movies!" and then did), so I'm glad I've finally started.

    I put this together for a video contest here at I-house. You can see all of the videos for the contest here, the winner was Life At I-House, A Glimpse by KirstyandEliana.

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  5. uncomfortably sincere

    2007 08 07 life

    journal excerpt

    From my paper journal:

    Only a Sith Lord deals in

    23:37 May 10th, 2007 Thursday

    So what good is all of this if we don't engage one another - on a very real level? "Only a Sith Lord deals in absolutes," man - so let's get off the condescending trips and the polarizing anti-discourse. Let's use our full range - zero, one, two, five, seven, eight, ten, etc and not just on or off - there's an infinitude of wonder in between and out in every dimension.

    I resolve to hesitantly dip my toes in, from time to time, instead of being all in or all out. Talk to a beat stranger - but not every beat stranger. Give up some left over food to the guys on Bancroft and Telegraph (the Shattuck hobos are too hip for me - but I hope they aren't for someone else -- I know they aren't). I can just eavesdrop on the world from time to time - I can't always be wide-eyed gulping from the fire hydrant of information flowing at 100 terabits per second eyes glazed over passed out exhausted gasping for a sense of self disoriented head-spun hours or days later. Just a drinking fountain or a tap and a few cups or liters a day would be fine. No need to parch yourself and dry up like a raisin all the time. It's ok to wrinkle and shrivel - and you don't need to burst, either - just be uncomfortably sincere.

    I think I'm going to try that.

    Related brief thought:

    17:36 June 22nd, 2007 Friday

    Bumper Sticker Activists (Telegraph in Berkeley)

    The last thing we need is more Bumper Sticker Activism. Wearing a clever T-shirt does not constitute civic participation.

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  6. View of the Golden Gate Bridge from I-house Cafe (google maps streetview)

    2007 05 30 life

    goddamn google just doesn't know what to do with itself, anymore.

    View of the Golden Gate Bridge from I-house Cafe View of the Golden Gate Bridge from I-house Cafe

    Oh yeah, feel free to drag the little man around the blue highlighted streets, and then rotate / zoom in the overlaid photo. Here's the official demo (cheesy video).In San Fracisco, almost every street is completely covered. They also did much of Mountain View, Palo Alto, San Jose, and all of Manhattan, that I've checked.


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  7. SLC punk'd!

    2007 02 22 life


    I'm going to a conference for a week in Utah. It'll be my first time in Park City, and my second time in Salt Lake City. Here's a map of downtown SLC, color-coded to emphasize the insanity:

    SLC Punk'd (by Paul Ivanov)

    worst. planning. ever. (...and I don't buy their propagnda - next to the green arrow on the map above, you could be on N W Temple, between W N Temple and W S Temple [or is it E S Temple?])

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  8. coming to you live from my desk...

    2007 01 22 life


    So I've finally gotten a new phone and my camera that had been flakey for the last year decided to start working properly again - and I am happy with technology! In celebration I decided to take some pictures of my room (messy edition)

    I imported these pictures using F-Spot, which has a decent tagging interface that I should make use of to catalogue a bunch of old photos. F-Spot also happily resized and exported them to Flickr, tags and all (other stuff also supported). Hopefully this also means I'll start taking pictures again.

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