June 1st, 2017

We had another biannual Jupyter team meeting this week, this time it was right nearby in Berkeley. Since I had read a poem at the last meeting, I was encouraged to keep that going and decided to make this a tradition. Here's the result, as delivered this past Friday, recorded by Fernando Pérez (thanks, Fernando!).

June 1st, 2017

We struggle -- with ourselves and with each other
we plan -- we code and write
the pieces and ideas t'wards what we think is right
but we may disagree -- about
the means, about the goals, about the
shoulders we should stand on --
where we should stand, what we should stretch toward
shrink from, avoid, embrace --
a sense of urgency - but this is not a race

There's much to learn, to do...

Ours not the only path, no one coerced you here
You chose this -- so did I and here we are --
still at the barricades and gaining ground
against the old closed world:
compute communication comes unshackled