pheriday 1: software carpentry, digital artifacts, visiting other OSes

Here's pheriday 1, another edition of paul's habitual errant ramblings (on Fr)idays

pheriday 1: software carpentry, digital artifacts, visiting other OSes (2012-07-27) from Paul Ivanov on Vimeo.

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show notes

I had three topics I wanted to cover today, and ended up spending about an hour thinking about what I was going to say and which resources I was going to include. This was too long, and the end result was still very rambling, but I think I'll get better at this with more practice.

SDF Public Access UNIX System gopher://

  1. try to not say "uuuuhhhhmmnn"
  2. be lazy (software carpentry)
  3. flipside of "publisher's block" (git-annex)
  4. visiting another country (windows 8 release preview)

As usual, I didn't know what I was really trying to say in 0, and here's a really good overview of what I meant: Software Carpentry

If you have 90 seconds, watch the pitch

play it in 60 seconds, instead: mplayer -af scaletempo -speed 1.5 Software_Carpentry_in_90_Seconds-AHt3mgViyCs.flv

  1. publisher's block

Jaron Lanier's You Are Not A Gadget What I mention in the video is not at all the main point of Lanier's book (which is quite good!), and in fact, his book is a critique of (over) digitization. Nevertheless, I'm only pointing out that there are redeemable aspects of an increasingly digital artifact producing life, such as preservation.

David Weinberger’s Everything is Miscellaneous

My review of David Weinberger’s Everything is Miscellaneous, where I go into more depth about "information overload".

git-annex Excellent project. The technical details is that when you "annex" files, they are renamed to long hash of their contents (bit rot resistant!) and stored in a .git/annex/objects directory, whereas in place of where the file was, you get a symlink to the original file, which gets added to git. So git only keeps track of symlinks, and additionally has a git-annex branch that keeps track of all known annexes, so that you can copy, move, and drop files from the ones that are accessible. Very handy!

Haiku OS

tools used: Debian GNU/Linux sid, recordmydesktop, xmonad, fbpanel, screen, iceweasel, cheese, xcompmgr, youtube-dl, mplayer, screen

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