pheriday 0: scientist-hacker howto (video post)

Hey everyone, here's pheriday 0, the first of paul's habitual errant ramblings (on Fr)idays

pheriday 0: scientist-hacker howto (2012-07-20) from Paul Ivanov on Vimeo.

Berkeley Kite Festival (510 Families)

Merlin Mann's Most Days (specifically the travel day one on 2009-01-11)

Sad that I missed SciPy Conference this year. One of the things I like doing at scipy is nerding it up with my friends, seeing each others workflows, showing off vim tricks, etc. This video was my attempt at scratching that itch, a little bit. As I mention in the video, this is take 2. Take 1 ended when I ran out disk space, but needless to say, it was more awesome than this. It seems I am cursed with losing first takes, see also a summary of last year's SciPy conference, where this exact same thing happened.

NumFOCUS: NumPy Foundation for Open Code for Usable Science

NumFOCUS Google Group see thread titled: "[Funding] Notes from Funding BOF at SciPy2012"

TLDP: The Linux Documentation Project (page I was scrolling through)

Transition to Gopher was rough this time, it was better during the first take.

Lorance Stinson's w3m (better) gopher support Use this if, for example, going to w3m gopher:// you get errors like:

[unsupported] '/1' doesn't exist! [unsupported] This resource cannot be located.

It still took some tweaking, shoot me an email for details

Robert Bigelow's About | Gopher & GopherSpace

Here's the HTTP Proxied version of the above: Gopher proxy provided by Floodgap

SDF Public Access UNIX System gopher://

Eric S. Raymond's How To Become a Hacker Howto

Fernando Perez' Py4Science Starter Kit

Q: Why are you using "Chromium --incognito"? I have chronic tabitis, and this is one way of mitigating that problem. If the browser crashes or I shutdown my computer, I won't have those tabs around anymore.

programs used: Debian GNU/Linux sid, recordmydesktop, xmonad, fbpanel, screen, chromium, cheese, xcompmgr, mutt, wyrd, tail, w3m

gopher version of this post (proxy)