1. SLC punk'd!

    2007 02 22 life


    I'm going to a conference for a week in Utah. It'll be my first time in Park City, and my second time in Salt Lake City. Here's a map of downtown SLC, color-coded to emphasize the insanity:

    SLC Punk'd (by Paul Ivanov)

    worst. planning. ever. (...and I don't buy their propagnda - next to the green arrow on the map above, you could be on N W Temple, between W N Temple and W S Temple [or is it E S Temple?])

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  2. coming to you live from my desk...

    2007 01 22 life


    So I've finally gotten a new phone and my camera that had been flakey for the last year decided to start working properly again - and I am happy with technology! In celebration I decided to take some pictures of my room (messy edition)

    I imported these pictures using F-Spot, which has a decent tagging interface that I should make use of to catalogue a bunch of old photos. F-Spot also happily resized and exported them to Flickr, tags and all (other stuff also supported). Hopefully this also means I'll start taking pictures again.

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