vim-ipython two-way integration! (updated: 2011-08-02)

I'm very pleased to share with you a demo the forthcoming vim-ipython integration which will work with IPython 0.11(trunk).

You can either use the Flash player below, or download the OggVorbis file (14MB) update: vim-ipython 'shell' demo (9.6MB). The blog-free form of this post is here.

If you like what you see and want to try it, you can get the details from the vim-ipython github page and it currently requires 4 line changes to IPython, which are currently in this pull request. (Fixed to work on IPython trunk with no changes).

Big thanks to Min for walking me through the new IPython kernel manager during the SciPy2011 sprints.

UPDATE: 2011-08-02

vim-ipython ‘shell’ mode.

Just in case, here are the same videos as above, but hosted on Youtube:

If you're have any issues, try searching for your error on the vim-ipython github issues page, and if you don't find it, please file a new one, and I'll help you out there.