And it begins again...

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So I finally bit the bullet and put up my own blog. It was just one of those wait and see things for a while, but now I find myself reading most things via rss feeds, so I really had no excuse not to move on from my livejournal. I was afraid of abandoning my lj-friends - but Yuan found a happy medium with cross-posting back to her lj (though now that she has an rss feed I read her entries first in Thunderbird, sometimes days ahead of visiting my friends page)

I'm still getting settled in, so this isn't quite live yet.

Anyway, I've had a couple of entries on the back burner that I've been working on, and they feel serious enough to warrant having their own place, instead of being a part of a corpus I started almost six years ago (in high school, no less). More and more people I know host their own blogs and it's always nice to have a fresh start (though I've reposted a hand full of my most recent LJ entries to get a running start).