Mirror of McGill Calibrated Colour Image website

Below, you will find a mirror of the McGill Calibrated Colour Image database.

As of 2011-07-06, the original location is inaccessible, Fred Kingdom is aware of this and was receptive to having this mirror go up. The new citation is

Olmos, A., Kingdom, F. A. A. (2004), A biologically inspired algorithm for
the recovery of shading and reflectance images, Perception, 33, 1463 - 1473.
On 2023-10-09, I was informed that my mirror had become defunct and lacked the actual data. As of 2023-10-24, with the help of Fred Kingdom and the Internet Archive, they have now been restored. The images come in two forms: archives of the smaller 786 x 576 pixel images, split it up by category, and archives of the full-size 1920 x 2560 images split up by category, as well as folders for each category containing individual TIFF images.

Internet Archive mirror

You can also find much of the original website mirorred on the Internet Archive as I am making available only the zip and tif files.
Please note that the ZippedFoldersFullImagesStamped archives of the full-sized 1920 X 2560 images up on the Internet Archive snapshot from March 2022 are incomplete for all files that are larger than 1 gigabyte. Thus only Fruits, Shadows, and Snow full image sets are available there. For the smaller, 786 X 576 pixel images, all data sets are available in the ZippedFoldersSmallImagesStamped folder. (both here and at the Internet Archive snapshot)

This page was last updated on 2023-10-24