Here are some of the talks that I have given, (with slides/video/audio, when available)


Jupyter: Kernels, Protocols, and the IPython Reference Implementation

JupyterCon, New York, NY. August 2017

Co-presented with Matthias Bussonnier

( video )

SciPy 2017 Lightning talks

SciPy, Austin, TX. July 2017

co-MC with Anthony Scopatz.

( video: Wednesday ) ( video: Thursday ) ( video: Friday )



How IPython, and you can, too

Neustar Research, San Francisco, CA. March 2015

A command-line driven talk about all of the useful things in IPython before you even get to the notebook interface. Here’s a tweet from an attendee of that talk:


Putting the v in IPython: vim-ipython and ipython-vimception

SciPy, Austin, TX. July 2014

A talk about vim-ipython, bipython, and ipython-vimception.

( video ) ( slides ) ( abstract )

The IPython Protocol: Frontends and Kernels

PyData Silicon Valley 2014, Menlo Park, CA, May 2014

A talk that I gave with Thomas Kluyver, where I covered the protocol and frontend portions, and he covered a demo of the currently available kernels.

( video ) ( slides )


Cython - The Speed of C within the convenience of Python

Guest lecture in AY 250: Python Computing for Data Science, UC Berkeley, November 2013

( slides )

Whetting your appetite (capstone lecture for 3 day bootcamp)

Python Boot Camp, Berkeley, CA. August 2013

simple web scraper, sqlite, email, and some Flask: (Aug 28, 2013): Access files at

Making people do animal vocalizations: so here’s the bit where I first get the idea to make people moo (because they were typing and giving me a thumbs up would have made them stop typing). And shortly after this point is where I actually make them moo the first time. And make them meow after that.

( video )

A Portrait of One Scientist as a Graduate Student

SciPy, Austin, TX. June 2013

In this talk, I will focus on the how of reproducible research. I will focus on specific tools and techniques I have found invaluable in doing research in a reproducible manner. In particular, I will cover the following general topics (with specific examples in parentheses): version control and code provenance (git), code verification (test driven development, nosetests), data integrity (sha1, md5, git-annex), seed saving ( random seed retention ) distribution of datasets (mirroring, git-annex, metalinks), light-weight analysis capture ( ttyrec, ipython notebook)

( video ) ( slides )

A Portrait of One Scientist as a Graduate Student

SIAM CSE 2013, Boston, MA. February 2013

Reproducibility and Computationally Intensive, Data-driven Research mini-symposium

( slides )


Introduction to IPython and the IPython Notebook

UC Berkeley Python Bootcamp, August 20th, 2012

( video )

tutorial notebook: ( view ) ( download ).

breakout notebook: ( view ) ( download )

Development 2: Testing and Debugging (with philosophical remarks)

UC Berkeley Python Bootcamp, August 22nd, 2012

( video )

Matplotlib, beyond the basics

Astronomy 250, Python Computing for Data Science, UC Berkeley, January 2012.

Emerging victorious from the onslaught of the beginning of the semester in January 2012, including a nasty cold with a fever of 104 F, I delivered a guest lecture on matplotlib where I start off by saying how ” I’m a little doped up”, and about 25 minutes into it end up blurting out ” I’m totally high right now!” - which is awesome since it was recorded and captured for posterity.

( video )


I probably gave talks between 2008 and 2012, but can’t recall them now



Nearest neighbor search using CUDA or how I learned to start worrying and fear the float

Redwood Center Lab Meeting, UC Berkeley, August 15, 2008

Kozachenko-Leonenko Entropy Estimation (with the help of GPUS)

Redwood Center Lab Meeting, UC Berkeley, March 7th, 2008


Napoleon@Home - Distributed World Domination

Lightening Talk at SuperHappyDevHouse 20



The PDF slides have working links to the projects mentioned. You can also find the links here

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