Here are some of the talks that I have given, (with slides/video/audio, when available)


Internal Tech Talk on WebDash

Bloomberg, San Francisco, CA. January 2021

“That WASMjs-tic”

Co-presented with Itay Dafna

Abstract: Dash running on Flask running in Python running in web assembly (WASM) running in the web browser via JavaScript. Client-server communication without a (real) server.

As the primary author, Itay wrote up the blog post version of the talk, so please read Introducing WebDash for the full details, where you can see my drawings. See also WebDash on GitHub.


JupyterCon 2020 Lightning Talks

co-organizer and co-MC with Tracy Teal

Girl Geek Dinner - Bloomberg

San Francisco, CA. February 2020

Panelist on “How to Thrive in Open Source Communities” (starts 12 minutes in).

( video )


PyData NYC 2019 Lightning talks

New York, NY. November 2019

co-MC with Anthony Scopatz

PyCon Taiwan 2019 keynote

Pycon TW, Taipei, Taiwan. September 2019

“Programming Language Tourism: Leave Python and see the world!”

Abstract: Programming languages are places. The idea of abandoning the convenience and familiarity of your primary coding language might seem anything from tedious and inconvenient to scary and stressful. But, switching to an alternative other than your primary development language – especially when such a challenge is not a requirement – can be both fun and productive. You will likely grow your abilities as a developer and gain new perspective that is currently beyond your reach.

Let’s push out of our comfort zone together to leave Python and voyage to a different language! We will go into details about why and how we can do that, along with some possible destinations. Upon our return, we will see – and appreciate – Python in a different light. Plus, we can use the justifications for our departure to entice and welcome folks from other language communities to visit us in the land of the snake.

( slides )

SciPy 2019 Lightning talks

SciPy, Austin, TX. July 2019

co-MC with Anthony Scopatz

( video: Wednesday ) ( video: Thursday ) ( video: Friday )



Terraforming Jupyter: Changing JupyterLab to suit your needs

JupyterCon, New York, NY. August 2018

Co-presented with Stephanie Stattel

( abstract ) ( code )

Interview with Paco Nathan at JupyterCon 2018

JupyterCon, New York, NY. August 2018

SciPy 2018 Lightning talks

SciPy, Austin, TX. July 2018

co-MC with Anthony Scopatz

( video: Wednesday ) ( video: Thursday ) ( video: Friday )

A Conversation with Project Jupyter Steering Council Members Jason Grout & Paul Ivanov

Bloomberg, San Francisco, CA. June 2018

A piece put together by our colleagues at Bloomberg to accompany the 2017 ACM Software System award.


Jupyter: Kernels, Protocols, and the IPython Reference Implementation

JupyterCon, New York, NY. August 2017

Co-presented with Matthias Bussonnier

( abstract )

SciPy 2017 Lightning talks

SciPy, Austin, TX. July 2017

co-MC with Anthony Scopatz

( video: Wednesday ) ( video: Thursday ) ( video: Friday )


What is backend development?

Disqus, San Francisco, CA. January 2016

Talk for SF City Arts and Technology High School students visiting Disqus Inc for the day. I live-coded a simple commenting system using Flask.


How IPython, and you can, too

Neustar Research, San Francisco, CA. March 2015

A command-line driven talk about all of the useful things in IPython before you even get to the notebook interface. Here’s a tweet from an attendee of that talk:


Putting the v in IPython: vim-ipython and ipython-vimception

SciPy, Austin, TX. July 2014

A talk about vim-ipython, bipython, and ipython-vimception.

( slides ) ( abstract )

The IPython Protocol: Frontends and Kernels

PyData Silicon Valley 2014, Menlo Park, CA, May 2014

A talk that I gave with Thomas Kluyver, where I covered the protocol and frontend portions, and he covered a demo of the currently available kernels.

( slides )


Cython - The Speed of C within the convenience of Python

Guest lecture in AY 250: Python Computing for Data Science, UC Berkeley, November 2013

( slides )

Whetting your appetite (capstone lecture for 3 day bootcamp)

Python Boot Camp, Berkeley, CA. August 2013

simple web scraper, sqlite, email, and some Flask: (Aug 28, 2013): Access files at

Making people do animal vocalizations: so here’s the bit where I first get the idea to make people moo (because they were typing and giving me a thumbs up would have made them stop typing). And shortly after this point is where I actually make them moo the first time. And make them meow after that.

A Portrait of One Scientist as a Graduate Student

SciPy, Austin, TX. June 2013

In this talk, I will focus on the how of reproducible research. I will focus on specific tools and techniques I have found invaluable in doing research in a reproducible manner. In particular, I will cover the following general topics (with specific examples in parentheses): version control and code provenance (git), code verification (test driven development, nosetests), data integrity (sha1, md5, git-annex), seed saving ( random seed retention ) distribution of datasets (mirroring, git-annex, metalinks), light-weight analysis capture ( ttyrec, ipython notebook)

( slides )

A Portrait of One Scientist as a Graduate Student

SIAM CSE 2013, Boston, MA. February 2013

Reproducibility and Computationally Intensive, Data-driven Research mini-symposium

( slides )


Introduction to IPython and the IPython Notebook

UC Berkeley Python Bootcamp, August 20th, 2012

tutorial notebook: ( view ) ( download ).

breakout notebook: ( view ) ( download )

Development 2: Testing and Debugging (with philosophical remarks)

UC Berkeley Python Bootcamp, August 22nd, 2012

Matplotlib, beyond the basics

Astronomy 250, Python Computing for Data Science, UC Berkeley, January 2012.

Emerging victorious from the onslaught of the beginning of the semester in January 2012, including a nasty cold with a fever of 104 F, I delivered a guest lecture on matplotlib where I start off by saying how ” I’m a little doped up”, and about 25 minutes into it end up blurting out ” I’m totally high right now!” - which is awesome since it was recorded and captured for posterity.

( video )

I probably gave talks between 2008 and 2012, but can’t recall them now


Nearest neighbor search using CUDA or how I learned to start worrying and fear the float

Redwood Center Lab Meeting, UC Berkeley, August 15, 2008

Kozachenko-Leonenko Entropy Estimation (with the help of GPUS)

Redwood Center Lab Meeting, UC Berkeley, March 7th, 2008


Napoleon@Home - Distributed World Domination

Lightening Talk at SuperHappyDevHouse 20



The PDF slides have working links to the projects mentioned. You can also find the links here

( slides )