Sep 2016: new position
I am now a senior software engineer at Bloomberg working on IPython and Jupyter related open source stuff. Here’s some more color on how that came to be
Sep 2014: I’ve accepted a position
I now work as software engineer at Disqus, focusing on backend infrastructure.
June 2014: Job search and resume
I am currently looking for a job in the SF Bay Area. Here’s is my resume.
Sep 2013: added a talks section
It’s actually been there for a while, but I didn’t realize I hadn’t linked to it from anywhere.
May 2013: new blog engine
I got rid of my old WordPress-based blog, and turned into one powered by Pelican. Go check it out.
Dec 2011: side projects
I’ve been a little occupied with very interesting side projects lately.
July 2011: vim-ipython integration
Here’s a demo of vim and ipython talking to each other. The code for the project currently lives here on github, and will be included in the next IPython, which is currently in this pull request.
July 2011: Mirror of McGill Calibrated Color Image database
The original site is down, and Fred Kingdom was receptive to me putting this mirror up. (research)
March 2011: Python code for OSA Spectrum Recovery Competition
I’ve posted my Python port of the sample code along with related notes for the OSA Spectrum Recovery Competition, 2011. (research)
March 2010: research section updates
I’ve put up a mirror of the van Hateren natural images dataset, my quals reading list, and my poster from GTC in the research section.
December 2009: new site
So I’ve finally taken the plunge and remade my site using Fernando’s modifications to Sphinx as the starting point. I’m still working on it...