Paul Ivanov's Original Words & Phrases page

Every once in a while, I make up a new word or phrase, I document it and for the next few hours, I feel like I'm pretty clever. Below is a list of all the words and phrases that I made up, as far as I know.

2006-11-8 in Berkeley, CA
A Shy Turd Thing
anagram for "Thursday Night" - the VS '06 first years' night out

2005-06-15 in Davis, CA
Argumentum ad Slashdotum ("appeal to nerdiness")
A logical fallacy which directs attention to some scientifically sound explanation of phenomena based on an incomplete model, thus overstepping its relevancy in a real world scenario (as seen in this discussion on homemade AC). A special case of Argumentum ad Verecundiam ("appeal to authority").

2004-10-15 in Arcata, CA
(noun): a morning siesta, i.e. a false siesta.
The basic scenario is as follows: you wake up, eat breakfast, go back to sleep, wake up and start the day.
The real evil genius is behind the spelling: I will win big if, not only does someone use the word, but that someone in Bumsville, Idaho pronounces it as foxy-yesta. :)

2003-05-27 in Davis, CA
(noun): A gay expert.
Etymology: English. Suitie Robert, ready to express a revelation begins with: "I'm not a gay expert, or anything, but..." as suitie Jason who is walking by cuts in with "A gaypert?!"

2003-03-20 in Davis, CA
Gattaca Moment
(noun): the moment of epiphany after one exceeds deep-rooted expectations of failure, resulting in the feeling that one can do anything.

Examplified in the film Gattaca, when Ethan Hawke's character, Eugene Freeman, finally beats his gentically perfected brother Anton in a swimming (read: pissing) contest, after countless losses. "You want to know how I did it? This is how I did it Anton: I never saved anything for the swim back."