Ode to ECS 142 (a work in progress)
My feet, the pendulums of accidental self hypnosis
Did lead me forth, down Russell, straight and true
Yet useless was caffeine in heavy doses,
Despite it, started spacing out around La Rue.

During my nightly walk, insidiously transplanted
Back to the Dungeon depth of Engineering II
The cause of inconsistent seg faults I lamented
As core dumps doubled, mocked, and made me blue.

IM field grime, tortured by the solitude of footprints
Ideals, mechanically digested with each keyboard stroke
The stoic moon still casts her apathetic glances
I sigh, and drown my sorrows in another Coke.

Such is the lonely manner in which CS majors spend their Friday night
Out of procrastination, and not pity I describe our plight